RHS Chelsea 2015 Part 1

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Each year without fail I make my annual pilgrimage to Chelsea, even being 37 weeks pregnant for two years in a row didn't stop me! (yes my youngest two are a year apart almost exactly!)

It is one of the highlights of my year and although if I am honest I do think you see more on the TV than you do when there as it is sooo crowded, there is nothing like soaking up the upbeat atmosphere and partaking in the inevitable search for a gap on a wall or dry bit of grass on which to perch your bottom briefly to drink your Pimms and make polite, garden related small talk with friendly strangers! 

Each year I share photos and blog a little about my favorite gardens, and so here once more, on my new blog, is a summary of my Chelsea experience and what captivated my heart or inspired me in 2015...

Firstly I was keen to see the Cloudy Bay Garden in association with Vital Earth designed by David and Harry Rich. I have become massive fans of their work since seeing their first Chelsea Garden in 2013, I adore their love of nature and how they always manage to reflect that in their designs but in such an effortless and uncontrived way. They are fantastically creative designers in my very humble an non expert opinion! Last year I was blown away by their night sky garden in which they had included a night sky viewing platform as well as repeating the pattern of the stars in their landscaping materials, it was a truly magical garden and probably one of my all time Chelsea favorites. This year they didn't disappoint either. I love that they always try to source their materials and use artisans local to them in Wales for their designs, shopping and supporting local business is something that I am definitely on board with. Their garden this year featured a brilliant movable 'shack' which was created by working closely with a blacksmith in Brecon to design the steel structure and mechanism on which it was based. The shack moved around the garden on rails to enable the user to follow the sun or indeed shade as it moved through the garden throughout the day. An absolutely inspired idea!
Their planting is always spot on, I love their naturalistic style usually including plenty of grasses and having a very wild and almost ephemeral feel, it always evokes quite a strong emotional reaction in me, I find it just breathtaking and utterly magical. I so wish I could bring one of their gardens home with me! 
I am having a love affair with grasses at the moment and I think this is part of the reason I feel so drawn to their gardens, my photographs are very much of the planting as this is what interests me the most! In this years garden they used a number of different grasses all of which I feel I need to bring into my garden, I am very inspired and much to my husbands dread am now thinking of completely transforming the planting scheme in my front and rear garden at home! I am currently studying Designing with Plants and RHS Level 2 as a home study course so I feel it is inevitable that grasses and new planting are going to be on the cards very soon! 
The grasses used in their garden (and coming into mine) are...
Deschampsia Flexuosa, Deschampsia Cespitosa, Melica Altissima which I am currently growing from seed for inclusion in my floristry work, Hakonechloa Macra, Luzula Nivea and Briza Media another stalwart of my cutting patch, self seeding itself everywhere but looking beautiful wherever it pops up and even more beutiful bobbing around in my bouquets!

Below are some photographs of this years garden by the Rich brothers followed by some of their wonderful Night Sky Garden at Chelsea last year... I will let the images do the talking now and watch this space for more on RHS Chelsea 2015...

The Night Sky Garden 2014

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