December Wedding

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Back in December I had the absolute pleasure of creating flowers for the gorgeous Chloe and Mark.

Chloe and I were put in touch by a florist friend who very kindly recommended me. Our journey to creating the flowers was a little unusual in that we didn't actually meet face to face until the day of the wedding! Chloe and Mark live abroad and so we did all of the planning via e-mail and Pinterest. Chloe had some fabulous ideas about the look she hoped to achieve and was very open and flexible to suggestions so the planning was a lot of fun! I was so excited to create the bespoke woodland table centres for her with a little help from my husband who chopped, drilled and screwed together the logs for me. The colours Chloe wanted to use were just so gorgeous, rich plums, aubergine and dusky pinks, I just love that colour palette for a wintery wedding, so warm and hinting at the season (The wedding was 2 days after Christmas!)  but not in a very obvious way. I also used moss and fern foliage to tie the floral designs in with the logs, giving a lovely wintery woodland feel. Chloe's cake was fabulous and a nod to her French roots, a croquembouche made by Cakesmiths in Bristol, Sam got in touch before the wedding and arranged to collect some flowers I had set aside to decorate the cake, I sent him away with strict care instructions for the flowers and I think he must have heeded the advice as they did look fresh and gorgeous on the day when I was then able to surround the base with moss and ferns and add a few more flowers around the bottom with it in situ, it really was a magnificent sight to behold and Sam was a delight to work with! 
The wedding itself was in the afternoon and at this time of year the light fades so quickly, so with the help of Kirsten The Little Wedding Helper we adorned the venue with scores of tealights for a romantic candlelit reception and to twinkle away long into the evening. At Wick Farm Bath where the wedding was held we needed to turn the room around after the ceremony so Kirsten and I squirreled ourselves away on the balcony at the back of the room and busied ourselves tying ribbon around the napkins for the tables and listened in to Chloe and Mark say their vows, it was so beautiful and moving, and lovely for me to see my flowers actually being held, normally I deliver and don't then see the actual wedding so it was just a delight for me to see them in context and to see peoples lovely positive reactions to them too, it almost bought and old hand like me to tears! It really was an honor to be part of their day. The venue looked truly stunning as of course did Chloe and Mark, I'll let you judge for yourselves! 

These images are shared with the very kind permission of Chloe and Mark and their fabulous photographer who captured the day so beautifully Kerry Bartlett Photography.

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