Changing of the Seasons

by - 00:47

March already! Time seems to fly past so quickly, I feel I have barely had time to catch my breath since Christmas! I love this time of year, when I look around the countryside and the garden there seems to be a gentle promise of great things to come, the tiniest buds appearing on trees, the snowdrops nodding their graceful little heads in the breeze and the colours of springtime gradually appearing. Day by day the flowers and plants seem to be awakening from winter slumber as if mother nature has decided to open her eyes but have a lovely long lie in and stretch her rested limbs before leaping out of bed and jumping into the fast pace of summer!

Looking out onto my cutting patch I felt so inspired, I just couldn't hold back any longer such was the overwhelming sense that I needed and wanted to create some designs that reflect this mood perfectly. I wanted to represent a fusion of winter into spring in an ensemble of floral creations, and here today I share with you the results using some beautiful hellebores grown on my plot, blended with delicate spring flowers from the flower market, I hope that you love them as much as I do...


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