New Beginnings...

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Wow! What a year 2014 has been...

December marked the first year in business for Garden & Wild, and to be perfectly honest it has been a whirlwind, albeit a wonderful flower filled whirlwind! The demand for my flowers grew so much faster than I ever imagined, never did I think I would ever have to turn away work, my main worry when I launched Garden & Wild was would I be offered any and would people 'get' what my business is about?
I have been delighted and taken aback at times with not only the kind comments, advice and support from my fellow florist and grower friends all of whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with since my flowery journey began, but also the wonderful reaction from customers, friends and my following on social media, I am truly humbled and overwhelmed. I could not begin to put into words the effect this has had on me.
Having worked in a business environment for much of my life and had a couple of little forays into self employment previously I felt I knew what to expect when launching Garden & Wild, I felt I had it all figured out! However what I didn't expect was the huge emotional investment that it takes to 'put yourself out there' in a creative industry. I am known for my fairly pragmatic approach to life and so was rather taken aback by the way in which putting my work out there suddenly gave me a huge sense of vulnerability; I realised that in a creative profession it's not just about efficiency, processes, marketing, having a head for business and giving good customer service (all of which is of course necessary in any business) but that there is a degree of subjectivity involved and that what I create may not be everyone's 'cup of tea' I create what I feel is beautiful, what inspires me and what I believe reflects the ethos and brand identity of my business and in doing so am leaving myself open to judgement,  something that was much more difficult emotionally for me than I ever imagined perhaps because it stirred up dark buried feelings of the fear of  'not being good enough' or ' being misunderstood'.
When working before I have been selling products or services and involved in processes that were not my own, that had no emotional investment or creative input from me, I was trained to do things in a way that hundreds of other people were too and therefore all I needed to do was do it in a friendly and efficient way, ensure processes were followed and hey presto job done! I was unattached...
My business however is a very different ball game! I love what I do but yet I had no idea of the emotional attachment I would have to every arrangement or bouquet that I produce. It is so important to me to 'get it right' for my client and to ensure that each piece has meaning as well as beauty. I realise now that I see my job as a form of art, because art involves passion and emotion, it's not just an enjoyable way to earn a living, and I also realised that I could only feel so deeply about something if it was what I truly loved and should be doing. If that feeling ever leaves me and I no longer care I will know it's time to move on.
My journey so far has shown me that although I am doing what I should be there are so many different paths that I could follow, I need to now decide which path to take. My idea of what I wanted my business to be when I started has evolved dramatically as I have absorbed all the advice and brilliant experiences I had in 2014. I feel now it's time to consolidate what I have learned and plan the way forward, the start of this year will be a time of reflection and planning for me, turning over a new leaf and moving forward. I had no idea when I set out in November 2013 that what I was doing would be so much more than starting a business to try and pay my bills, but that I would discover through the support, kindness and advice of others what I believe my true calling is, I have been searching for it all of my life! I can't begin to tell you what a profound effect that has had on me. 

I wish to thank everyone who has been part of my journey in whatever way, even those I have never met but have written a kind comment on my social media, the ripples of you doing so have run deeper than you could ever know. To read those kind comments and hear the very genuine support for me from total strangers has had a healing effect on my soul that I could never explain but that means so much, it has wiped the slate clean for me to start afresh with a new outlook on life and purpose.
Thank You... 

So here's to new beginnings...

Happy New Year! 

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  1. Good Luck Claire with whichever path you decide to take from here. Your work and your words 'speak' to me and I shall continue to follow your journey with interest.....Amanda Nutt (Beaurose Country Garden Flowers)

    1. Thank-You Amanda, look forward to having you along for the ride! :)