Daffodils, The Great British Garden Revival and Trevarno

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As you may have gathered from my last post and my facebook page if you follow me, I have been watching the brilliant Great British Garden Revival on BBC 2 this week.

I was so delighted to see Carol Klein championing Daffodils and to see her talking to Ron Scamp the renowned breeder and supplier based in Cornwall. Several years ago before the estate was sold in 2012 I visited Trevarno where he grew a large collection of them which I believe was the national collection and possibly the largest collection in the world (don't quote me on that though!) I know back then their were reports that the collection was due to be broken up and sold off which was heartbreaking, I was so disappointed the Estate was being sold as I absolutely loved it and so wanted to visit again. The house and land were eventually sold off in lots and now unfortunately are all back in private hands and not open to the public, I feel so privileged that I was able to see this beautiful estate before it was closed. I will never forget it, the garden was utterly enchanting. The site also housed the National Gardening Museum which was wonderful fun, so lovely to see all the old equipment and pretty vintage seed packets. 
I was so relieved whilst watching the programme to see that Ron has still managed to keep the Daffodil collection together, although I am not sure if it is at the same site? (I ought to investigate that further really!)
I decided to look back at my photographs and remind myself of this beautiful place. I'd love to share some with you here as thought it would be lovely for anyone that never got to see it to catch a glimpse of one of the finest gardens I have ever visited. 
So here for your enjoyment are some images of the beautiful Trevarno Estate taken in 2010. 

(Also, I hasten to add that my photography wasn't the most wonderful back then, I am slowly improving!)


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