Wreaths Galore!

by - 18:20

The last week has seen a flurry of activity at G&W HQ as I have been busily creating my collection of Christmas wreaths ready to adorn the doors of  all those who have ordered from me.
I love to make each wreath different, not only because I have far to many ideas popping around in my head for colour and texture combinations to do them all the same but I also like my clients to each have something totally unique. I am lucky to now be building a loyal customer base and following and I am getting to know the tastes of some of my clients well which is part of what I love about being a small business, I am able to give that personal service and attention to detail which I really enjoy. Some customers have requests and others are happy to let me 'do my thing', the biggest compliment for me is to have my clients say "I trust you" it really is something I appreciate more than I could put into words and will never take for granted. 
Making wreaths is one of my favourite Christmas tasks where I can unleash my creativity and create something beautiful!
This year I was so delighted to be asked to create a large wreath to grace the entrance of a private nursing home in Somerset. I really do hope it brings some joy to the residents, visitors and staff there over the Christmas period especially as they, like the thousands of other nurses, carers, police, fire and other service personnel will still be working despite the fact it is December 25th... Lets all raise a glass to them on Christmas day and be thankful for the wonderful work they do for us...
So here they are, a selection of my 2014 wreaths...



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