Listening to Nature

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Today I was digging up Dahlia tubers ready to dry and store for the winter, a little late, however I had been waiting for the frosts to come...the plot looks so empty now, the bitter cold nights finally took the last of any flowers and there is a gentle decay falling over the garden.

Just a few weeks ago the picture was so very different, the unusually mild autumn weather left several flowers blooming much longer than would be expected and flowers which normally put on their show earlier in the year started to bloom again...confused, I suppose, with the unseasonably warm weather. 
Now, the garden rests...

It seems to me that over the years just passed the seasons have merged in very strange ways, with snow falling as late as May and leaves still on trees in December. I am not sure if this is a recent phenomenon or whether it's just that I now pay more attention.
Either way, as a grower it can throw plans into turmoil as nature 'breaks the rules' and timings seem to be, to us a least, all wrong. But who are we to tell nature she is wrong? Nature adapts, it evolves...
I am learning now that to grow well I need to relax, listen to, adapt and accept what mother nature throws at me, to relinquish control to the higher power. 
I am learning that she can't be controlled and that I need to be in tune with my plants, with my soil, and with my soul. I have come to see that it is going with the flow, listening to the earth, the happy mistakes I make or 'just watching what happens' which builds my confidence as a grower not following 'the rules'. I have come to rely less on books and more on my observations and intuition, the more I work with my garden and my flowers the more I find they speak to me, the key is to listen...

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